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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lucknow - the things i Like ...

aalu ki tikkiyan               : potato cutlets

Adde-baaz                          : regular

Arvi ka salan                    : colocasia curry

Balai                                     : thick layer of fresh cream

Bawarchi                            : cook

Bawarchi tola                  : cooks’ quarters (in a town)

Biryani                                : highly seasoned rice cooked with meat, fish, egg, or      vegetables

Chaat                                    : spicy vegetarian snack

Murg-mussallam           : whole chicken carefully spiced and slowly cooked

Mutanjan                           : sweetish mutton biryani

Namash                               : souffle-like mildly sweet and fluffy creamy delight

Nehari                                : beef/lamb trotters braised and then stewed overnight, further prepared in the morning and eaten with kulchas for breakfast

Nehari khaas                    : special nehari

Os ki rani                           : “queen of dews”

Chaatwala                         : chaat seller

Chandi qalia                    : mutton curry in gravy mixed/topped with crushed edible silver leaves
Daawat                                : feast

Paan                                     : betel leaf with areca nut/other fillings/ spices, chewed as a delicacy

Patili kabab                      : mincemeat kabab made in deep copper/brass vessel

Dalmoth                             : savoury mixture

Puri                                       : deep-fried puffy bread

Desi desavari                   : a particular betel leaf

Parind puri                       : puri stuffed with a small live bird

Dudhiya barfi                   : white, wet and firm milk sweet

Galawat ke kabab       : kababs made from very finely ground, tenderized meat                      

Gilafi kulcha                     : very soft leavened bread

Gol gappa                        : puffed wafer, eaten with a spicy filling, in one mouthful

Halwa sohan                  : special sweet made with cereals, ghee, sugar, garnished with dried fruit

Halwai                                 : sweet-maker, seller

Imarti                                  : deep-fried ring of urad dal with a little wheat flour added, dipped in sugar syrup; more regular and elaborately shaped than a jalebi

Jalebi                                    : syrup-filled deep-fried ring of flour

Kabravali kacchori       : deep-fried bread with filling made and sold at a shop by a grave in aminabad

Kaccha keema                 : uncooked mince

Khaat                                   : divan/stringed bed

Korma                                 : mildly spiced dish of meat marinaded in yoghurt

Kulcha                                 : leavened bread

Kulfi                                      : milk thickened, mixed with saffron, pistachios,
                                                etc and frozen into ice-cream

Pista-badam ki khichri  : pistachio-almond rice preparation

Rabri                                     : semi-liquid thickened milk sweet preparation

Redhi                                   : hand-drawn cart

Samosa                               : deep-fried potato/peas/meat-filled triangles of flour

Seviyon ka muzaffar    : sweet vermicelli, fried and soaked in sugar syrup, with milk added; scatters when thrown on a plate

Shab degh                          : a beautiful blend of whole turnips, mutton balls (koftas), and spices cooked in a deep pan overnight

Shabnam                            : morning dew

Shahi galawat                  : “royal” papaya paste to tenderize meat

Shami kabab                    : spherical mincemeat kabab

Sheermal                           : invented in lucknow, a rich flat bread made of flour, milk, fat, and saffron

Thandai                              : cooling spiced milk beverage

Thela                                    : cart

Tikki                                     : cutlet

Kundan qalia              : mutton curry in gravy mixed/topped with crushed edible gold leaves

Lakhnawi                           : language spoken in lucknow/of lucknow

Tunde ke kabab / tunde ke shahi galawat ke kabab
: kababs, made from very finely ground, delicately marinaded, tenderized meat

Waraqui paratha           : “layered” unleavened fried bread

Lal peda                              : milk thickened into chewy, flat, round sweets

Lassi                                     : chilled frothed yoghurt drink

Zaiqa                                   : taste/flavour    

Zarda pulao                      : sweet yellow rice coloured and flavoured with saffron

Mahoba paan patta       : tender/crisp betel leaves from the mahoba district of uttar pradesh

Malai paan                        : triangular leaves of cream (paan­shaped) with a sweet filling

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